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At Move by Meg we pride ourselves in helping women of all ages and ability to become their fittest, strongest and most confident selves. 

Whether it's home training, online coaching or visiting our studio we want to empower women to look and feel their best. Ready to move...?  

What We Do

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Monthly subscription to live classes, a video bank, nutrition guidance, online community, and more!

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Transform your relationship with nutrition and exercise and achieve great results in just 8 weeks

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A fully tailored nutrition and exercise, or nutrition only programme bespoke to you and your goals

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Tailored programme for those wanting to build muscle through training and nutrition to improve body composition

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All our in person services can take place in the Move by Meg Studio. Click to find out more about it!

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May 2021 Update - We are running a limited timetable of outdoor classes in May/June in The Barn at Hunter Hall Primary School in Penrith, click the link above to find out more! We have one in person class, KNOCKOUT, in the studio following lockdown easing.

Or find out about our range of aerobic and strength based all female classes in the Move by Meg Studio in Penrith, Cumbria

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Solo or group physical training sessions in a private personal training studio


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We're on Instagram @movebymeg / @movecoaching