4X4 August Challenge 


You have 28 days (until august bank holiday) to complete 16 workouts  🥇


Complete 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks starting Monday 1st August. 

Weekly Tasks ⬇️

Minim 4 workouts per week. These can be of your choice. 

This challenge is easy and simple for a reason... Its about keeping moving during a busy time! I know August brings lots of distractions, holiday, events etc 
Completing 4 workouts per week will keep you on track! 

You'll notice due due to injury I'm still not able to do HIIT live. So I'm made some  a weekly suggestion for your killer HIIT workouts below (see 4 videos linked some golden oldies) that will get your hearts racing and bring the summer heat!!! 

July challenge .jpg
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