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90 Day Glute Gain Programme

This successful programme helps women to naturally grow muscle as a female takes time with no shortcuts - this time frame is more suitable to achieve these goals. The 90 Day Glute Gain Programme is for clients who want to:

  • Build muscle

  • Improve their relationship with food

  • Increase confidence with resistance training

  • Get physically stronger

  • Improve overall body composition / shape (e.g. growing peach)

  • Generally feeling better about fuelling and moving your body

How does it work?

The programme will work through the following cycles:

  • A 3-phase training plan focusing on weights and resistance training.

    • Phase 1: 4 weeks

    • Phase 2: 5 weeks (including a de-load week)

    • Phase 3: 4 weeks

  • Phase 2 and 3 will be personalised to you and your goals and steered by your check-ins with your coach.

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90 day trans.jpg
90 day glute.jpg

Who is it for?

  • Clients who want to build muscle esp lower body / glutes.

  • Clients who are already small (lower body fat percentage), do not wish to lose fat/weight but have goals to build and develop muscle.

  • Clients who are interested in learning how training techniques and exercise can build their shape. ·

  • Clients who are ready to work hard and follow a training and nutrition plan with our help and guidance.

  • Clients who are serious about getting results.

  • YOU MUST have some training and fitness experience already. ·

  • YOU MUST be committed to tracking food and exercise daily. ·

  • YOU MUST be a highly motivated individual and willing to bring you positive vibes for both yourself and the group. 

  • YOU MUST be willing to go all in for 90 days by following advice and recommendations.

What is included?

  • Fully personalised nutrition plan

  • Fortnightly check ins with your coach

  • All content is delivered through an app where you will see all training and nutrition plans as well as video-demos for each exercise.

  • Gym workout options if you have access to full gym/ resistance machines. Please note – due to COVID we can swap and change your programme from home to gym or visa versa if necessary.

  • Core and upper body workouts are also included to give you a balanced programme.

  • Guides & E-book

  • A weekly Live Q&A in our private community.

  • Accountability & daily targets.

  • A group of motivated women to inspire and motivate each other

90 day glute.PNG
90 day glute.png

What do I need?

  • Access to Medium to Heavy weights (recommended minimum combined weight 20kg).

  • Heavy Barbell/Kettlebell ideally 15kg+ and Dumbbells 4kg – 6kg pair

    • Both of the above will depend on your current strength/ training history

  • Resistance Bands Looped Set (order from Teknifit ( for 15% off use code MOVE15 ·

  • Step/Bench/Block (sofa or chair also works) - it may be a good idea to invest in something stable/safe. 

  • Step Tracker eg. Fitbit/Applewatch

  • Tape measure & scales (scales are optional) 

  • Facebook Account and WhatsApp

Please note – in order to effectively grow muscle the body must be stimulated with enough resistance. Therefore the weights you use for this programme need to be in the medium to heavy range for your strength. Using weights that are too light will be ineffective for this type of programme. Please think carefully about this if you are following this programme from home as you may need to purchase more home kit.

Do I have to do the workouts on set days?

You choose the days and times you do these workouts to fit around your schedule.

What if the workouts are too easy or too hard?

The programme breaks down some progressions and regressions – therefore the programme is designed to push you at every level. The phases will get progressively harder to challenge you.

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Glute gain.jpg

Can I do this programme as well as other classes and sessions such as Move at Home?

We will advise you on which workouts you can potentially swap if you love a particular class or live workout. However, the best results are usually from those who stick to the plan. We also don't want you to burn out or do too much (as this can lean to injury or other training issues). More is not always better, we want you to commit to this programme and give it 100%. If we think you for your goals we need to change or adapt anything we will let you know.


The build programme has been designed for those clients who DO NOT have a weight loss/fat loss goal.

It is ideal for clients who have a low body fat % & BMI (petite/small and slim build). The focus of this programme is to gain muscle, weight/size particularly in the lower body and glutes.

If you are unsure if this programme is suitable/right for you please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss.

How does the nutrition side work?

You'll be asked to fill in a thorough nutrition questionnaire - this will include everything from when you eat, who with, who cooks, foods you like and dislike, allergies and intolerance etc.

From this information we will give you some nutritional targets and an 'example day of eating'. We don't like to use the term 'meal plan' as we don't expect you to eat the same foods everyday - but we do expect you to track all your food/drink.

We take a flexible dieting approach with ALL our clients and it has great success. Your nutrition workshop and group advice will teach you how you can still eat out, eat with a family and have the foods you enjoy whilst making an awesome transformation.


How much does it cost?

The next programme starts 20th September 2021

The programme costs £195. Payment plans are available - please get in touch with us to discuss this.

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