Currently Available at The Studio


Boxing, Upper & Core 

Move through 3 rounds...

Punch the bags 

Crunch your core

Blast your upper bod

The ultimate sweat, cardio and toning class.


Time: 45mins            Level: All 

Currently Available at The Barn at Hunter Hall Primary School

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Bootcamp for babes

Circuit style class. Get ready to push your body through the rounds for a full body sweat. 

Jump, slam, run and press like a boss.

Time: 45 Mins            Level: All


30 min HIIT Blast 

30 mins of pure sweat. 

High intensity calorie burner. This is for those clients who want to give max effort and get an endorphin kickstart to the day. 

Time: 30 mins             Level: All 


The class for your ass 

Working your booty to a sassy playlist - my all time favourite class for your ass.

Using resistance bands we sculpt the legs and glutes - get ready to feel the booty burn. 

Time: 45mins              Level: All 

Back At The Studio Soon


Glute development 

Weights class focusing on growing the glutes and hamstrings. Max resistance and focus on technique to build that peach.


Time: 45mins           

Level: Inter - Advance (preferably some experience lifting weights)