September 2020



Move every-day for 30 days.  Who’s with me? 


I’ve set this challenge for a few reasons but mainly…


  1. To make time for movement every-day in your new daily routine 

  2. To prioritise keeping active and healthy while we return to the ‘new normal’

  3. To keep up your step count as the autumn nights draw in (let keep moving ladies) 



Here’s what I’d like you to do. 


  1. Print off a copy of this PDF and pin it up somewhere you’ll see it everyday. 

  2. Every day tick off your 10K steps 

  3. Every day do some kind of movement and write it in – this can be a class, a fell walk, a bike ride, yoga etc. ANYTHING – BUT MOVE YA BODY AND GET THOSE ENDORPHINS FLOWING. It doesn’t have to me a long session you just have to move and get your heartrate going. 

  4. Take some progress photos (these are just for you).


SIMPLE! At the end of the month (and throughout) I’d love you to share your tick sheet with me – there maybe a prize involved!! You know I love a free pair of leggings as motivation!! 



Let’s find a new routine – lets make a promise to ourselves to keep moving in Autumn. I know many of us will want to put 2020 behind us but this year is not over – you can achieve so much and smash out your goals before 2021 (if you put your mind to it)!! 

Secret is in the daily routine! 

Let’s do it ladies! 



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