January 2021


New Year 

New Challenge 


Same fabulous online community… Lets do this!!! 


If you’re like me you’ll be feeling a little big sluggish and heavy post Xmas, totally fed up with lockdown restrictions and in need of a fresh start! HERE IT IS…. To kickstart 2021 this month’s challenge is a 21-day challenge!


Start date: Monday 4th Jan 


What you need to do: 

  • A workout EVERY DAY for 21 days. Any workouts - live or on demand, HIIT or weights NO EXCUSES! Tick them off each day using the sheet tracker. 


  • Get an accountability partner! In a time where most of us are isolating and only seeing limited friends/family I want you to have daily support from someone else! You can check in on each other, push each other and support, motivate and encourage in a time where most of us need it! If you don’t have an accountability partner ready to do this will you send me a DM and I’ll pair you up with a lovely mover!




Bonus extras that will help you get great results (but not essential): 

10K + steps per day 

3L water per day 

Reduce process foods 



Track your progress:

By now you’ll know my favourite way of tracking is progress pics! Its so important that you have a method of tracking (that isn’t the scales) eg. photos, measurements or how your clothes fit etc. 



£100 gift voucher for activewear of choice.  To win… simply upload your FULLY COMPLETED tracker sheet &/or progress pics on Monday 25th January via INSAGRAM (or send to me). Tag me, tag your accountability partner along the way! 


Let’s do this together! 

See you tomorrow….. M x 




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