October 2020

October 4-Week Calorie Count Challenge 


STARTS THIS MONDAY 5th October for 4 full weeks! 


Why take the challenge? 

  • Food and training go hand-in-hand when it comes to getting results and feeling great. I see clients completely guessing with their calories and then are frustrated that they aren’t seeing results. 

  • Logging for 4 weeks is a great time frame to get an overall picture of your diet, recognise patterns and make improvements. 


Why calorie count? 

  • It’s science!!! It’s a proven way to get your results.

‘What get measurement get managed’ and we measure in CALORIES. Not a points system, not good or bad, not labelling foods into complex categories just keeping it super simple ! 

This will allow you to do ‘flexible diet’ please watch mini-series episode on this is you haven’t already. No food is banned, no meals out limited – I’m just asking you to track as accurately as possible. DO NOT restrict or deny yourself from the foods you love. 



Do I have to stick to a set number of calories? 


No – Just the simple act of logging your food/drink each day will be a HUGELY beneficial task. You’ll learn about high and low cal foods. What fills you up, what energises you, what makes you feel great. You’ll also learn that pizza and wine on a Friday night will quickly knock those numbers up!! 


If you wish you can work out the ideal number of calories for you. This will depend on your lifestyle, activity, height, weight and age – There is not one size fits all. If you’d like to work out your calories there is a video on this in the ‘nutrition’ section of the members area. Or you can use a calorie counter online (there’s hundreds) that will  do the equation for you. 

I like to use this one from Precision Nutrition: https://www.precisionnutrition.com/weight-loss-calculator


Being in a slight calorie deficit will achieve fat loss results. 


How do I track? 

I recommend using an app. The most popular is MFP (My fitness Pal) and if free or a popular one with clients is NUTRACHECK. 


What about protein? 

This is the extra step if you’re up for the challenge. 

I’ve already explained to you ladies the importance of high protein diet for FAT LOSS and ‘TONING UP’. You can simply work out your protein target my multiplying your bodyweight in KG by 1.5 (example for me 70kg x 1.5 = 105g) If you go over GREAT! If your under try again the next day. 



What if I go over or mess up? 

NOTHING!! It doesn’t matter – it’s a learning curve. Maybe this will educate you to see where you can make improvements. Maybe you notice you eat far more calories on weekends than you do on weekdays? Maybe you notice you don’t eat enough through the day and then craving the high calories snack when you get home and want to eat the whole cupboard?  


Knowledge is power – You can recognise you eating patterns, behaviours and daily calories and make changes. 


Remember your targets are targets and they won’t be perfect all the time and that’s okay. 


I’ve created a LOG SHEET so you can print it off and write calories in each day to see your overall week/month.  


Let’s nourish our bodies, eat well, move more and feel fabulous this October!



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