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We’re kicking off the year with a Challenge – as there’s no better time to get focus than the New Year.

Join me for the 23 January Challenge! 

23 days of movement to kickstart January and get you into a routine after the festivities. 

Starts: Monday 9th January 
Ends: 31st January

A 23-day commitment to yourself and your body to celebrate the start of 2023. 

Daily none-negotiables: 
10,000 steps per day 
2-3L water per day 

Daily movement: 
Each day you must do a minimum of 20 mins exercise activity consecutively for the 23 days. Please note this DOES NOT have to be a hardcore live workout each day – it could be a gentle jog, a YouTube yoga class, a hike (anything that elevated your heartrate or gets your body moving in a different way) 
You can add in other training eg. classes, gym workouts, cycling, swimming etc. These all count.  
20 mins (or more) of daily movement on top of your steps (But it’s important you listen to your body and pace yourself) 
I believe everyone, no matter how busy you are or your circumstances can give 20 mins to movement each day – just watch how much better you’ll feel for it! 

Use the tick sheet below feel free to print of and give yourself a big tick each day (it’s so satisfying)! 

Remember to share and tag me on social media – I love seeing what you ladies are up too – which workouts you’ve done and how you’re getting on!  Plus its super inspiring and motivating for others to see! 

On the 31st I’ll get you all to submit your tick sheet (printed or electronic) to be in with the chance to win of £100 activewear voucher of choice! Because who doesn’t love free activewear to make you feel good whilst exercising!! 

Hoping lots of you will take part and enjoy this challenge! 

Last thing…. Tag / tell a friend who needs to do this with you. 

Let’s move - 



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