JULY 2021


How did we get here? 

Lockdown lifting (hopefully the last time I say that) and potentially a chance at a summer holiday…

bring on the challenge!! 

We ARE back to 5x4 workouts for this months challenge!

5th JULY - 1st AUGUST! 

5 Workouts per week (2 Lives + 3 of choice) for 4 weeks 

Combining live, in-person, classes anything you like. 

10K Steps each day

3L water per day

 Most of you ladies know the drill will these challenges! 
If you'd like to do some updated progress pics... do it! 

Also I LOVE the accountability partners and feel like we should bring them back! It a tough to stay focused on fitness and training throughout the summer when so much is changing so get your support sweat buddies to keep you on track!!

Prize: I’m giving away another £100 voucher of your activewear of choice!!!

Got to be in it to win it ladies!

So… get printing off your tick sheet 

And lets get too it!!


Don’t forget to tag me and your partner along the way as I love seeing what you ladies are doing!

I'll let you know when to submit your tick sheet! 

M x




July challenge .png