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Move At Home

Join our online community of motivated women for feel good workouts without leaving the comfort of your home or garden

Move at Home includes:

  • Access to a pre-recorded video bank of workouts

  • A supportive community who keep you feeling fit, strong and confident via Facebook

  • 2 live workouts per week 

  • Monthly challenges and programme to follow to structure your workout

  • Nutrition workshop and mini series to educate you on the best nutrition to support your training

  • Resources and recipes



Move at Home gives you the flexibility to workout with me from anywhere at any time.

 This membership is to help busy women get results without a gym. 


Do classes not fit with your lifestyle or schedule? Catch up at home. 

Are you always travelling and struggling to commit to regular time slot? Join us anytime.

Do you feel more confident exercising in your own home? We've got you! 

Move at Home is an affordable way to access all of my classes on your schedule


What equipment do I need? 

Most of the workouts are bodyweight only but we recommend having the following basic equipment to get the most out of the session. 

  • Mat / towel 

  • 1 x Kettlebell or Dumbbell pair (medium weight) 

  • Small hand weights (or tins / water bottles) 

  • Looped resistance bands 

  • For pilates a small ball and pilates ring 

Purchase your resistance bands at Teknifit using the code 'MOVE15' for 15% off!

Will I miss the LIVE workouts if I don't tune in live? 

​You won’t miss a thing  – Live workouts run on the 'Move at Home' Facebook Page and save once complete so that you can catch up at your convenience. 

To access the live videos you need a Facebook account and internet connection. 

Please note there is no 'timetable' for the live workouts. They maybe on different days/times each week you will be notified in advance. 

What if I wish to cancel? 

Signing up to Move at Home creates a monthly payment of £9.99. 

You can cancel at any time but please give 14 days notice for your cancellation to be processed. 

How do I sign up?

There's a three step process to signing up which involves setting up a payment, creating an account and joining the Facebook group. Click on the button below for more details!

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