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8 Week Cycles

8 Week Cycles is a service for clients who have previously participated in our online coaching, such as the 8 Week Transformation or 8 Week Take 2. 

For this, clients can join at different points in the year for 2 months of online nutrition and training support, with every 8 week cycle being completely different.

This is perfect if you have an upcoming event, want some focus or even just to help you get back on track and feeling uplifted and inspired. You just commit to the 8 weeks and get your programming delivered through our app.


INVESTMENT: £150 for the FULL 8 weeks training and nutrition.   

Who is it for?

  • Clients who have previously undertaken one our of online coaching options

  • Clients who like the support of a group 

  • Clients who already have an understand of calorie counting

  • Clients who already understand our coaching and check in process

  • Clients who want to understand and gain knowledge about the best diet and training for you long term

  • Clients who need a more affordable option than 1-2-1 coaching 

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What is included?

  • Two phase programme for home or gym delivered via our coaching app.

  • Personalised nutrition targets and advice

  • Fortnightly check ins

  • Facebook community

  • Goals setting

  • Weekly live Q&As

  • Recipes and educational e-books

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What do I need?

  • Access to Facebook 

  • Smart phone to download and access our coaching app 

  • Activity tracker (eg. Fitbit) 

  • Scales / tape measure 

Access to a gym or if training from home (minimum requirements) 

  • Kettlebell (8kg-12kg)

  • Dumbbells (4kg - 6kg) 

  • Resistance bands 

  • Bench/sofa/step 

When's the next cycle ?

The next 8 week cycle (Cycle 08) will run 11th September 2023.

*Every cycle is different so you can do multiple cycles back -to- back *

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