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This is our group training programme designed to transform your relationship with nutrition and exercise to get you great results in just 8 weeks. At only £120, this is perfect guide for those looking for a lower cost targeted nutrition and exercise programme.

This is our bespoke training and nutrition programme which works though our app. Our 1-2-1 coaching gives you a fully tailored nutrition and exercise programme, bespoke to you and your goals. This is our highest level of support and accountability which is 100% custom made to you. Prices start from £275 for 10 weeks with additional monthly payments at £80. 


Our nutrition coaching is about lifestyle changes rather than just dieting. You are guided through a flexible dieting approach to give you long term and  sustainable results. This service is 100% tailored to you to fit your lifestyle and activity to gain an all-round better relationship with food. Prices start from £250 for 10 weeks with additional monthly payments at £60. 


90 Day Glute Build Programme

This programme is for clients who want to build muscle, improve their relationship with food, increase confidence with resistance training, get physically stronger and improve their body composition. It is ideal for clients who have a lower body fat percentage. You must have some experience of training and fitness already to undertake this programme.

The cost is £195 for the 90 days, get in touch with us to discuss a payment plan. 

We offer a range of aerobic and strength based all female classes in our studio in Penrith. Group workouts are an amazing way to increase your motivation. We supply all equipment. Prices vary from £4-8.


Personal Training

We provide physical training sessions in our private personal training studio.  This is face-to-face training which combines weights, cardio, strength and endurance to help you reach your goals.  Sessions are 45-50 minutes and can be booked for individuals or small groups. We strongly recommended that your PT buddies are of a similar ability and have the same training goals as you. Prices change depending on group size. Availability is extremely limited so join our waiting list below:

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