30-day Summer Challenge 


Tuesday 3rd May - Wednesday 1st June 🥇



Daily Tasks ⬇️

⁃             3L water 

⁃            10K steps


Weekly Tasks ⬇️

Minim 4 workouts per week. This is what I suggest but you can mix and match your own  ⬇️

2 x weekly lives + 1 HIIT from archives + 1 of choice eg. running, PT, gym 


Here’s what ALSO recommend but these are all optional ⬇️

⁃            Take progress photos 

⁃            Take Measurements 

⁃            Use calorie calculator and track using MFP (I’ll link the ones I recommend) 


Minimum 16 workouts in 30 days but if you’re feeling up to it you can of course do more! However, I’m a big preacher of QUALITY over quantity session! 4 great sessions are better than 6 average ones … ALWAYS! 


Unfortunately, I am unable to do HIIT at the moment and I am listening to my physio and respecting that my body needs a break from this! Luckily, we’ve got 2 year’s worth of HIIT workouts on here and in the video back! 


Use the tick list ✅  YOU KNOW I LOVE THESE! Print or do electronically! 

If you miss a day don’t worry! You’ve can always make up for steps, water and calories on other days with a weekly average! 


Prize! As always I love to do a giveaway which will be drawn on 1st June! You’ve got to be in it to win if! £100 activewear gift card of choice! Makes it all the more fun because you can never have too much activewear! 


Summer is coming and we are staying active, keeping moving and feeling good for June ☀️🙌🏻


Hope you’ll join me ladies! 🥳🙌🏻

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