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8 Week Transformation

Our 8 Week Transformation Challenge is a group training programme designed to transform your relationship with nutrition and exercise. 

⭐️ The ‘Un-programmed’ 8 week programme ⭐️


Because this isn’t just a diet and exercise plan for 8 weeks. 


This is 8 weeks of education, coaching and support that will give you nutrition and exercise skills for LIFE. 


Are you stuck yo-yo dieting? 

Do your ‘diet’ look like salads and excessive cardio

Are you confused by calories, synz, points

Do you hate stepping on the scales

Do you feel like you’re attempting so hard to diet but never make real progress

Are you lost doing random workouts and not sure if they are working? 


We want to undo your old mindset, beliefs and habits - to show you that IS possible to great sustainable results for any women at any age, ability or size.  


Not only will the transform your body - but how you think, feel and perceive ‘a diet’. 

We believe this is the last diet you’ll ever have to do. 

INVESTMENT: £165 for the FULL 8 weeks training and nutrition. 


Click here if you're interested in undertaking our '8 Week Cycles' programme and have previously done online coaching with us. 


Who is it for?

  • Clients who like the support of a group 

  • Clients who like a little bit of healthy competition and spurring on other women 

  • Clients who want to understand and gain knowledge about the best diet and training for you long term

  • Clients who need a more affordable option than 1-2-1 coaching 


What is included?

  • Nutrition workshop Series 

  • Help you to set your goals

  • 8-week thorough training guide 

  • Individualised meal plan and macro breakdown 

  • Weekly live Q&A’s 

  • Fortnightly check in with your coach 

  • Pre/post screening & questionnaires 

  • Private Facebook community 

  • PDF guide (printed and posted at extra cost)


What do I need?

  • Access to Facebook 

  • Activity tracker (eg. Fitbit) 

  • Scales / tape measure 

Access to a gym or if training from home (minimum requirements) 

  • Kettlebell (8kg-12kg)

  • Dumbbells (4kg - 6kg) 

  • Resistance bands 

  • Bench/sofa/step 

When's the next challenge ?

The next 8-week challenge date is January 2024! 

 Register here to join the waitlist and we will contact you in due course.  

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